Spoke at @StartupBisnis 3rd Meetup w/ @MicrosoftID!

Yesterday, I was honoured to speak at Startup Bisnis’ 3rd Meetup at the Microsoft office in Jakarta. It was my second time speaking at Startup Bisnis and I have always loved the crowd. Rein Mahatma, the co-founder, contacted me early November to ask if I am coming back to Jakarta this Christmas. Upon saying yes, he said he’s in the works of organizing a meetup that I could attend and speak at.

About 2 weeks before the event, Rein broke the news that the topic will be about social media for small/medium businesses (SMBs). I had some ideas what I should talk about, but I was desperate to look for a campaign that I could make a case study out of. Finally after asking a few friends, I decided to use Kennett Kwok‘s campaign for a sport store in Lougheed Mall.

When I came in to the room last night, my hands grew cold despite how warm it really was. I recognized some familiar faces, of people that I look up to. They were the leaders in the social media industry in Indonesia and yet they are here to attend, and there I was to speak. I was a little scared, but I knew I have some interesting insights I could share with the group.

The night went well and I met a few more amazing people. The talk and panel were both well-received by the 70+ crowd. I stayed two hours after the event ended just to catch up and answer more questions regarding best practices on Twitter, small/medium business campaign ideas, and of course, HootSuite. I left feeling satisfied and so honoured to have shared the stage with great marketers like Denny Santoso of DuniaFitnes, Ridho Irawan of eXo Digital , Winda Rezita of Pink Emma, Willy Hendrajudo of Microsoft ID, Edi Liem of Area Dewasa, dan Dimas Novriandi of XL123. Not only did I feel honoured to meet these peop,e, but to also be speaking at a Microsoft event. Now, I can check that off my list!

I look forward to connecting with the people I met yesterday and continue the conversation online. 



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