Networking Events

Last week I attended an event at a very hip and “happening” Hotel in Bali, the W Resort and Spa. It was held by the most prestigious society and lifestyle magazine in Indonesia, in partnership with a popular international fashion brand. The event, as expected, was full of socialites and therefore, created a different aura than what I am used to.

I was quickly disgusted by how pretentious everyone looked, from how they talk to each other, to how they dress, and carry themselves. I value genuinity above all else, so I wanted to leave the event as soon as possible.


Networking, at its very core, is where people can meet and extend their circle of friends. However, I have seen a shift in networking events where people now often go to look for potential career opportunities. I don’t blame them though because the popular saying do say “who you know, is more important than what you know”. I, too, must admit that I have gone to a few of them for this particular reason. 

So I’m curious, why do you go to networking events? What type and how often? 


One thought on “Networking Events

  1. I usually go to networking events to learn, like meetups, startup events and marketing summits. I used to go 3-4 times a week but I’ve cut down to 1 or so these last 2 months. Throughout this year, I found that it’s good to go to network and learn – but there’s a time and place to settle down and let that knowledge soak in by applying it, and also keeping in touch with the people I’ve met where the relationship becomes mutually beneficial over time. When I go I usually try to meet only 3-4 people for 15 mins or more (each) and call it a night. I don’t believe in speed networking.

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