1 Month Away

Unlike last Summer, I wasn’t looking forward to leaving Indonesia this time around. Sure I’m excited to see my family and the beautiful resort, but I have a reserved feeling for going back right now. There were so many things that have changed since my last time in Indonesia. My whole world shook and almost fell apart at once point after I had the best Summer to date. I’m scared of what’s going to happen this time around when I leave. I’m sure I’ll have a blast but there were pieces from last Summer that is missing.


Despite the uncertainty, I feel like I needed this break more than I’ve ever been. It’s been an exhausting few months and my mind hasn’t been in the right place. I’m looking forward to just freeing my mind a little and rediscovering myself again, away from all sorts of distractions. While away, I’m hoping to:

  • Pump up Asia for HootSuite – identifying friendlies to be our Diplomats and HootUp Organizers
  • Promo videos for Le Meridien Bali Jimbaran 
  • Tweet and marketing work for Le Meridien Bali Jimbaran
  • Learn to cook and style food, fine-dining style with Chef Paul
  • Run and do yoga daily
  • Attending events
  • Be closer to my family
  • Write blog posts for StartupBisnis and Moving2Canada
  • Jump start my personal branding channel (Blog, Youtube, Tumblr)

Lots to look forward to! Hang tight as I pump these out your way 😉


7 thoughts on “1 Month Away

  1. I feel like you really need this break steph! you can concentrate on yourself! esp with learning to cook and running and yoga!!! HAVE FUN! thank goodness you’re not leaving until after hootfriday ❤

  2. Well deserved holiday from an exhausting few months indeed. From the eating, sleeping and swimming in Jimbaran I think it’s a good mix of mental and physical vaca. Contradictory to that point, I am counting down the days to your departure back home =)

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