Bits about Event Planning

It’s hard to be an Event Planner. 

I was going to be one based on the successes I’ve had with my events, but I quickly realized how exhausting it is to be one. Sure every job has its perks and downside, but event planning definitely is in another level. You have to work long hours and mostly in the weekend; during weekdays, you have to make friends with vendors; time and people management is as important as creative thinking and communicating with clients, vendors, and staff. Not a lot of people realize how much work an Event Planner does until they plan their own event. 


For Halloween this year, I went to support my SFU classmate at her event. She recently founded a Wedding Coordination company and from my previous experience working with her at school, I knew she’d do a splendid job. It was a fun event and the venue (Heritage Hall on Main St) was quite cool.

The intentions were all in the right places, but there were a few keytakeaways I learned:

  • Setting the mood is important. The Hosts/Organizers were both dressed up to scare and I felt the chills when they entered, but the mood was soon gone as they both introduced themselves. Owning the crowd and making the whole decoration, food, mood all cohesive is important.
  • The games planned was fun, but only involved a certain number of people at a time. People get bored easily, especially if they’re not engaged. So after the first game, people started to move back to their little groups of friends.
  • The Event Planner was playing the planner, decorator, chef, waitress, and MC all at the same time. It didn’t work and would never work. She has to learn to delegate some of these tasks to other people. An Event Planner should just be working in the background, making sure everything is working fine. She should also think about how the event would be like if she’s sick or away. Sure it’s her company, but she also needs vacation and be allowed to have sick days. Definitely something I would recommend her to think about.

I honestly felt a little confused of what I should expect from the event. Is it a wedding expo? The Facebook invitation made it sound like it is, but it was not. Is it a party to announce and celebrate the creation of her company? Maybe. Whatever it is, I was confused.

If I were to do this event, I would:

  • Get the Photographer be focusing on taking lots of photos (though I know he doesn’t need the portfolio since he already got awards etc)
  • Have the Make Up Artist to stand near the door and give everyone a quick make up touch as they come in
  • Make sure the Event Planner to only focus on ensuring the event running smoothly
  • Pick a theme and stick with it, from the decoration, to the food, to the games/dances/songs, and even to how the Hosts speak to the crowd
  • Most importantly, I would make it a Halloween-themed Wedding since it’s for a Wedding Coordination company. Who cares about Halloween party, make it a Halloween-themed Wedding.

Overall, I still had a good time. The food, decoration, and the people made it quite a memorable night and I hope she learned as much as I did from her. I wish her the best of luck for her future events! I’m sure she’ll be even better and ready to rock more events!


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