Never run from your problems. Sometimes they arose from miscommunication & only time would reveal the solutions.

I know how true this statement is, but sometimes running away is the only way to free one’s mind. I don’t usually run away from any of my problems, but this time, I chose to run away from them and from everyone and hide away from my own thoughts. Nothing got solved, nothing was more confirmed than it was before, and I didn’t feel any better either. Constant chatter still goes on in my head, endless questions I don’t have answers for. One thing is truer than another, but distraction overrules. I know what’s right, but I turn left instead. 



3 thoughts on “Left

  1. You are on fire with the blog posts this week :P.Let me know if you need to chat. You’ve appear down for more than a month.

  2. Thanks Ken! I’m on fire yesterday you mean? I’m alright – just thought I should document all these thoughts for the future Steph to look back on 🙂

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