Covered in @presentology’s #BeingRemarkable E-Book!

Sometime in June, I got in touch with Presentology, a company that was actively sharing tips about creating a compelling presentation. Being a Design person, I immediately was interested to see what they have to say. After a few RT’s, I finally gathered up the courage to say hello. That DM turned out to be quite magical. We exchanged emails and finally decided to meet. Johan, the founder, is quite a lovely man. I like how his eyes lit up with every answer and when he shared the vision and mission of Presentology, I can feel his excitement that he shares with the lead designer, Jessica.

We met over Green Tea + Red Bean Frapp at Starbucks and it was so fun just to chat with them. Like always, I felt like I’ve known them for a long time. It was almost effortless to share the HootSuite story and how we got here. I must admit, I seriously had no idea what I expected out of this meeting. I knew they were making an e-book about being remarkable, but that’s it….

Until this morning.

I was doing my regular check on my Twitter mentions and saw that I’ve been mentioned about@presentology and there’s a link to a free e-book. My heart jumped. I clicked on it immediately and downloaded the book. I couldn’t wait any longer. And there I was, on page 28, smiling with Owly, sharing the story of how HootSuite stays remarkable by listening and engaging with their users.

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 2.02.32 PM


This is definitely quite a highlight. My first time getting covered in an e-book! Sure it’s in Indonesian, but just watch out. I’ll get to other e-books, articles, magazines, books! Yep. Those are part of my life goals.

Thank you again for Johan and Jessica for including me in this very inspirational book on Being Remarkable. Beautiful sleek design, great selection of people. You’re amazing and I feel incredible honoured to be a part of this. :’) Thank you.




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