Your Autobiography

My mind has been all over the place in the last few days, or maybe even weeks. So I went for a drive around today just to clear it out a little and while I was driving, I suddenly remembered a quote that I first heard a few years ago. That quote resonated til now because for awhile, it was my go-to quote to motivate me. 

“Everyone’s life is an autobiography…..make yours worth reading!” – Sam Thiara

This is a pretty powerful quote. Simple, yet deep. It strikes me again today while I was thinking about my life right now and what I want in the next year, 5, 10, 30 years. I’ve gone through so much just in the last year that I’m proud to say that my autobiography would be a fun one to read. But then something bugged me. Looking at how things went in the last months, it seems like this autobiography of mine would be best classified in Chick Flick and I totally don’t want it there. I want it to be categorized under Inspiration. 

I’m sure it’s never too late to switch the genre considering I’ve probably only written 1/5 of the “book”. 🙂 What about you? What do you have written in your autobiography so far? What do you want it to be categorized in?

p.s. I had the great honour of watching him live at  TEDxSFU last year..


One thought on “Your Autobiography

  1. lol, your autobiography is not a chick flick. Yours is very inspiring and motivational, no drama involve. A chick flick would involve a lot of drama, love story, and people diagnosed with terminal illness with a bunch of tears and sad story (with happy ending).If yours was categorized as a chick flick, nobody would buy the book.

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