Today marks 1 year anniversary working at HootSuite. It’s pretty crazy how time flies. I guess it’s true what they say – time flies when you’re having fun! It’s been quite a journey to be where I am right now, but I am so proud to say… I’m in love more and more with my job every single day. 


I still remember my first day at HootSuite. I was just back from Europe trip and I was so excited for the internship ever since my first time stepping in the office. I didn’t know what to expect on my first day really and I remembered rushing because I was running a little late. I walked in to the office at around 9:03 am, only to find out that Dave doesn’t usually come in til 10. He came at 10:30 that day. I remember being so anxious and nervous as I flip through the long document on community outreaching and as I shake my new colleagues’ hands. HootSuite wasn’t the first company I’ve ever worked for (it’s the second!), but I was particularly anxious because I considered it as a dream company.

I grew more and more comfortable with the company over time. With the help of some new friends, I eased in with the lunches I did with Uji, Charles, the ladies, the dimsum crew, and slowly with the rest of the company. I enjoyed listening to each of their story of how they got into HootSuite and it is the story that I’m always proud to tell everyone now. 

I said this so many times before, but I’m so incredibly blessed with the amount of trust Dave (VP Community) gave me from day 1. His trust and encouragement is what always keeps me going. I’m so grateful to have such a great mentor and to be working with a great dynamic team. ❤


So to celebrate my #hootiversary, I presented my dearest HootClub members with a video. Something that was requested and voted up by the members without me even realizing it at first.


Here goes nothing…


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