Easy Fame

Let’s face it. We all love attention. I have tried so hard to get a lot of attention from everywhere and everyone, but mostly from the Internet. I guess I’m quite lucky to be born in such digital age that getting popularity isn’t too difficult. It’s not the popularity I actually strive for, it’s the credibility. I strive to be thought as a thought leader, a mentor, or a specialist. I haven’t quite decided what I’m really hoping to get out of it really..

Anyways, the Internet has definitely became the major changing point to a lot of people in the past few years. This is given, but there are hundreds if not thousands new stars rise from YouTube, not just singers but also guru, artists, comedians, chefs, etc. Really, anyone can be a star these days. 


This guy in New York totally proved this. He made himself a bigger man than he actually is just by getting around with a few hired professionals. People are so naive. We’re always attracted to that shiny thing, whether it is an authentic one or a faux. We are easily intimidated and persuaded to a situation and that’s where I see an opportunity for someone ordinary like to me to come in.

I’ve seen many artists in Indonesia rise by claiming their own fame and blowing it up. Before I left to Indonesia in June, I strategized how I would make myself be more important. I didn’t write anything on my profile (I’d never do that!), but I created a new Facebook account just to serve the Indonesian community of HootSuite; did vlogs when I visit new cities; broadcasted my whereabouts; posted questions publicly. The results were more than I expected. Whenever I went to a HootUp in Indonesia, I felt important and welcomed. The attendees knew who I was based on the profile that I made and I felt I needed to step up my game to fulfill their expectation. Did they really know who I actually am? Probably not. I understood that my profile and Internet fame can only get me so far though. After 3 seconds in, I always find a way to make an impression so the conversation would continue on without me sounding like a phony. 


They say, fake it until you make it. I agree with this statement. Never be too comfortable with where you are now. Push those boundaries. The Internet has all the tools to help us out; we just have to be smart of where we position ourselves. There’s a thin line between being a snob or a phony and someone that’s genuine. Stay authentic, stay real.


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