How do you hang out with your guy friends?


What do guys do during the day when their girlfriends are out?

That’s the question I asked myself, my boyfriend, and the Twitterverse yesterday. To be honest, I never really put much thought into it. Girls always have their stuff to do, whether it is going with their girlfriends, brunch with parents, buy groceries, spa/manicure/pedicure, etc. Yet upon talking it out with Ed, I realized guys don’t really hang out during the day. They usually stay home to play video games, clean their car, hit the gym, and maybe that’s pretty much it. Sure they sometimes hang out with their friends during the day too, but Ed pointed out a good point – there’s always a girl in the group. It’s quite interesting and maybe I might even sum everything to… guys are semi-vampires? Ha. They usually come out at night with their friends to hang out at the pub, catch a movie, go to the club. 

This might be too small of a sample to actually do some analysis, but it’s def striking and interesting.


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