VanStartup Weekend: I’m a Coach?


This coming weekend will be such an interesting experience. First of all, it will be my first time attending Startup Weekend Vancouver and it will also be my first time mentoring. I have mentored here and there, giving free advices, but never a formal one. It’s quite a long story to how I got to be a mentor at this event, but all you need to know is how stoked (and slightly nervous) I am.

I’m not sure how this will all works out with me being an attendee as well, but this is such a rare and great opportunity. I’m so honoured to be a coach along with other great people such as Chris Neumann (CEO of DataHero), Russell Owen (Founder of Mobile Pattern), Michael Gokturk (CEO of Payfirma), Eric Diep (Co-Founder of A Thinking Ape), Jon Cartwright (CEO of, and other inspiring people. 

Thank you Dave for trusting me and giving me the chance to do this. Wish me luck guys!


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