It’s been a week today since I arrived back to Vancouver from my two-months trip to Indonesia. The trip was very rewarding and way more amazing that I ever thought it would be, but coming back to Vancouver was what I always had in mind. It has only been eight years since I’ve been in Vancouver, yet this place feels like home. More home than home. While I was away, I looked back to my life trying to figure out what feels more like home and where my heart truly lies.

Well, turned out Vancouver was it. Sure I spent my first fifteen years in Jakarta, but looking back at it, those fifteen years were not the most important ones. I “grew up” in Vancouver. Life back in Jakarta was way too simple. I had my parents, maids, and driver to take care of me and my career was pretty much set. It’s none of that here. I had to clean up, cook, and look after myself. I got my first job here, and the one after, and the one after too. I worked hard to get to where I am now and I am so used to just trying hard, without worrying so much or getting the pressure to be what other people wants me to be. 

I’m so grateful for the life I’m living right now. I couldn’t have asked for better parents and sisters, better job, better friends, better boyfriend, better everything. Making all of them proud is my ultimate goal and it simply means I need to be in an environment that supports me to achieve my goal. This is why I can call Vancouver home. My heart belongs here and my burning passion got reignited as soon as I stepped out of the YVR airport. Although I’m only in my early twenties, I know I’ve accomplished so much in comparison to my peers, and I can’t wait to do so much more. I have big expectations for myself, especially after this trip. I feel I’m maturing up, though only by a little bit. 

How about you? What place do you call home?



One thought on “Home

  1. Home is where I feel the appreciation and love from my friends and family. Props to you for living by your values and not someone else’s.

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