It’s always so humbling and motivating to see and hear the hardwork that I put in get recognized. 7geese made it easy for companies to let the employees set their goals and give/receive feedback from the rest of the company. 

Because of the position that I hold in HootSuite is quite unique that it’s hard to do a quantitative analysis, it’s good to see that even it’s difficult to be quantifiable, my teammates are acknowledging that the work I do has some sort of impact to the Community we’re building. 


These are some great feedback that I received a little bit over a month ago and they gave me an extra boost of energy on the days before I left to Indonesia. They were also exactly what I needed to prepare me for the 2-month #owlmission journey (that has been nothing but incredible, by the way. Wait for my post about this journey in the next few hours or days.)

So, thank you so much to my team for the neverending support. I couldn’t have asked for a better team. Everyone’s so positive and dogged. It always brings me so much joy just to talk to each one of them and brainstorm ideas. I say this often, but not enough… I’m so grateful for being in the position that I am and in the company that celebrates entrepreneurship, teamwork, and growth.


What about you? What motivates you? How well do you receive feedback? Do you agree with the quote below?

“Praise in public, correct in private.” -Publilius Syrus


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