#OwlMission Day 1

YES. Internet. Finally!

It’s been a few days I’ve gone without Internet at my fingertips 24/7 and to be honest, it’s becoming an annoyance. I felt disconnected; I felt like I could have used the time to tweet and to engage, but instead I was just sitting in the car, stuck in traffic, not doing anything.

Today, however, I got Internet in the hotel room and while my dad went for a meeting, I snuck out and recorded a short video to announce my arrival. It was completely unrehearsed and done in just one shot with a piece of paper I scribbled with after my massage treatment last night (heehee!).

The response from the people I gave shout out too has been positive and they’re excitement level is almost on par with my excitement to meet them! I also joined the conversation more on the Social Media Strategist club and since the timezone is the same, it’s much easier to respond and engage. Hoorah!


HootUp Tangerang is just two sleeps away and I’m getting anxious! I hope I can deliver and send the audience home with some knowledge and insights about HootSuite and social media in general! See you there 🙂 


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