The Beginning of the #OwlMission

Today marks a new beginning as I travel across the globe to Bali from Vancouver in a mission, an owl mission. It is something that I might have or have not prepared for in the past 9 months of my HootSuite life. When I first walked in to the HQ in July 2011, I was already using and loving the product for 1.5 years. The odds were on my end that day and I got myself in as the Graphic Design and Indonesian Community Intern. 

Working at HootSuite has been nothing but amazing. Every day that I work seems to pass by so quickly and it’s because I enjoy every moment that I’ve spent. I am blessed and grateful to have a full-time employment even before getting that piece of paper that certifies me as a graduate. What I am more grateful about is the position that I get to build from zero.

The Community team was unofficially born when Dave Olson joined HootSuite in 2010, but was not separated and officially called Community until January 2012. I was amongst the first four that was in the Community team and at first, I was unsure of what position would be and what I can bring to the table, considering my degree is quite different from what Community is. However, thinking back, I have done community building all my life. It’s in me. I love to cheer on people and to make sure they feel welcomed and loved, every single one of them.

That’s the core part of the Community team: We love all our users equally and we build Community one hug at a time.


Now the past 6 months, I have worked directly with Dave, the VP of Community, in multiple different projects. Recently we have hired a few more people to help our Community grow even further. With the addition of the new peeps, my role grew too. I started as the gatekeeper of everything swags and #hootkits, but quickly overgrown it and now I’m handling all requests for HootUps and driving traffic to HootClub. Since late April, however, I have split my focus to growing the Indonesian community as well as I know I will be going on this mission.

I am on a mission to Indonesia to do a HootUp tour and get the Indonesians even more excited about the tool. When I first told Dave, of course this was not the reason. The original reason why I needed to go back to Jakarta was for my sister’s wedding and for graduation gift, just a little break before I start working full-time. I remembered fearing that Dave would not let me, or this would just deter him from hiring me before this vacation time. I thought I would have to intern a few more months until I’m back from Indonesia and then he’ll review my case. I was wrong and I’m glad I was. 

I’m now on the plane, heading to Bali for a few days to work for my dad. Currently reading The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs by Carmine Gallo, listening to Coldplay. The plane is empty, but my mind is not. I have hundreds of things running in my head and I know the best way to settle them is to start doing stuff. This is the reason why I started writing this post. 

I will be posting new update every day that I am in Indonesia (except for the days I will be occupied with family and wedding preparation, or out of town with minimum connection to the Internet). I invite all of you to be a part of this mission and wish me the best of luck. 



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