I went to the grand opening of #IKEARichmond today and for those of you in Vancouver, you probably have heard about some buzz about it. They were running a campaign “Everybody is a coupon”, basically they invite the first 1,000 people that walk in their door today to get free gift cards ranging from free meatballs up to $250.

I was a little disappointed with the space itself. I was hoping it will be bigger or have some sort of differentiating factor than the rest of the stores in the mainland. Anyways, this post is not about my disappointment nor the number of people that were trying to find parking. It’s about the little idea that I had while I was in IKEA.

Yes, while waiting for Ed to shop for chairs, I had an epiphany. The first question that I had in mind was, does IKEA have an app? The answer is yes, but it’s basically only their catalogue. I find that this is such a waste of opportunity. IKEA


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