Eye Get in My Own Way

I hate it when people cancel or change their mind last minute. Today I turned myself down.

I’ve been looking forward to attending Danielle LaPorte’s Firestarting Session tonight but my eyes have prevented me from attending. I don’t want to whine or make the whole world pity me, but I just want to acknowledge the little things that stop us from our daily routines.

For me, my dry eyes have been bothering my daily activities for the last 4 weeks. They have caused me a lot of pain, especially at night and in the morning. I have gone to two optometrists and they said my eyes are fine. I know they’re not, because I have been sick for 5 weeks. It’s getting quite ridiculous.

What the last 5 weeks have taught me is that I’m not an effin superhero. I cannot go days and days without sleep without getting sick. I was constantly reminded by this everytime I see what left of the shingles I got last year. But with the craziness of life, I often forget how important it is to take a step back and realize my priorities.

I’ve always pride myself to be on top of everything and knowing everything about everyone (by stalking and knowing them in real life of course), but I’ve slowly lost this capability. I often bumped into someone and my head just went blank. Or maybe I’m just living a world that’s way too fast-paced. There is more than a billion tweets everyday and though I read many awesome stuff throughout the day, I can only remember bits and pieces of them at the end of the day. It’s sad and it’s not how I want myself to be.

So this dry eyes syndrome and never ending viscious cycle of runny nose have reminded me once again that there are better things in life: my health. Yes getting projects and work done is important, but they are not as precious as my health. If I find myself overwhelmed and not focused like the way I am now, then I might as well quit some and focus on the things that matter the most to me.

I’m also going to take it slow and read a book tonight. I’ve been meaning to finish the book, my very good friend Ken K. gave me on my birthday. I’ve been wanting to bake and clean the house too. But anyways, if you see me in the next few days, then you’ll see me with spectacles. I’m going to give some love to my eyes and to myself. I’ve sprinted through a marathon. I think I deserve a pee break before running another one.


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