Oh it’s that time of the year again where restaurants are full and the line ups at chocolate and flower shops are long. Yes, it’s Valentine’s day. 

I’ve never really been a big fan of Valentine’s day for several reasons, such as:

  • Shouldn’t every day be a day to celebrate love? 
  • According to projections from National Retail Federation and eMarketer, consumers are expected to spend $17 billion of VDay gifts this year. $17 fricken billion. Do you know how many lives in Africa can we save if that $17 billion was used to buy nets instead?!
  • It’s sooooo overrated. I wouldn’t want to go to a restaurant filled with couples smooching and blabbering sweet talks all night. Nor do I want to receive a flower when I know a million other girls received flowers this very same day too. How’s that special?
  • Valentine’s Day, though started as a cutesy romancy thing, has become the ultimate tool for marketing and driving sales. I saw a guy picking up a bouquet of roses for $34 today. Really? That much?! That money could’ve gone somewhere better than something that would only last a week top.
  • If Valentine is all about love, then why only show it to our partner/spouse?
  • It’s making my single friends depressed. 
  • Pink is not in my top 8.

I’m not here to bash Valentine’s Day, but I just want to join in the revolt of making every day a Valentine’s Day. I’m sorry to say this, but ladies, if your man only treats you nicely on Valentine’s Day then maybe he’s not the best man out there and that’s all that he worths, one day. If he spends all his money on buying you items for this day, then ask yourself if any of these items mean anything. For me, it’s always about how genuine someone is and none of that have to be proven on just this single day. I’ve done a myriad of different things for the past 8 VDays.

  • 2004: Celebrated my then-boyfriend’s birthday.
  • 2005: Missed bus twice. Ended up cabbing to school. That’s all I remember.
  • 2006: Broke up with someone. Yes, on Valentine’s Day.
  • 2007: Had a sisters day out. 
  • 2008: A boy sang what has become my favourite song now.
  • 2009: Nothing.
  • 2010: First day of work with the Olympics Broadcasing Services.
  • 2011: Went to Seattle with mommy.

What’s my plan for tomorrow? I’m planning to do my homework. That’s right. That’s the only thing I will be doing tomorrow 😉 Ed will be here to accompany me, but we’re both quite busy with work and projects. Maybe we’ll cook dinner together, that’d be pretty nice. What we’re more excited about is the next day, February 15th, when all chocolates go on sale. That’s when we celebrate! 

**Update: For Valentine’s Day 2012, Ed and I had 17oz steak each while watching Saw IV. 

ps: I found this interesting infographic done by Monetate and published at Mashable on the VDay effect on retailers. That’s definitely a lot of dollars spent on one day.



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