2012 so far

Dear 2012,

I know it has only been 2 days and 2 hours since you started, but you’ve been quite awesome. 


Jillian Walker put me in her list of favourite people of 2011. I’ve never imagined that I would be in anyone’s favourite list, but I made it to hers! Jililan is a brilliant networker and I know she has made so many friends all over Vancouver, Canada, and around the globe! I felt honoured and super grateful to have made it to that list. I honestly still have no idea how I’m influencing my peers, but I hope I’m influencing them in a good way… Jill, let’s chat about this. 😉


Alexander Sugianto also mentioned me on his first (ever!) blog post as someone who inspired him to make a blog. How did I inspire him to make a blog, I have no idea. I ramble in my posts and never really posted anything particularly interesting or helpful or inspirational. So I’m honoured to even be mentioned in the post.


– Trixie and I planned and executed a 15-person bridal shower for our other sister, Michella! The event was beautifully captured by Amme Photographie and held at Seasons in the Park (Queen E) on the first day of the year. Trixie, mom, and I have been planning the event for about a month and we have prepared quite a few craftsy things to decorate the room with, to take pictures with, and to give away. The bride-to-be was gleaming with happiness to see her friends and to receive some “exciting” and fun gifts.

– Point Locus’ proposal to the annual TEI Conference got accepted! This year, TEI celebrate its sixth anniversary of the international conference on tangible embedded and embodied interaction. This year, the conference will be held at Kingston, Ontario, and I’m really hoping that I would be able to attend. Fingers all crossed!


– I am not a big music person but I do have some musicians/bands that I enjoy listening to. So, on Feb 9th, I will be watching David Choi with Meda and on Feb 11th, I’m going for Simple Plan’s concert with Marianas Trench, All Time Low, and These Kids Wear Crowns! All my favourite bands in one concert! Amazing. Ed has bought the tix last October and so this would be his Valentine’s gift. Heehee. Thank you ❤ So excited!

– My infographic for HootSuite has been sent out internally to showcase what the marketing bunker has done in 2011 and the reach. DaveO dubbed me as the “adorable Indonesian wunderkind”. 🙂

– I met and hung out with a cousin that I haven’t seen for 10+ years! Being a food person that I am, I took her and her boyfriend for a culinary journey around Vancouver: breakfast at DeDutch, lunch at Sushi Town, then to freshen up, we went to get some Qoola before Phnom Penh and Belgian Fries after. We ended the day with a shared pint of chocolate beer at St. Augustine

– I will be starting my job as one of the Community Wranglers at HootSuite this week, working directly with Dave Olson, Daniel Robles, and Thiago Leite. I have always had a huge passion for building communities, marketing, and design and this new role pretty much have all of those elements. Can’t wait to learn from these amazing people and continue to grow both as a marketer, designer, and as a person. 

So, 2012, bring it on! Fill up my days with challenges and excitement please. Let’s work on to make this my best yet. 

With lotsa love,


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