The Year of #Awesomeness

Dear 2011,

You have been an amazing year. So many firsts, so many once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and so much love. 2012, I challenge you to beat all the awesome experiences 2011 has brought me:



– Started the year with a trip to Agassiz w/ 25 other SIFErs for a team retreat.                              
– As a tradition, I went out for two DineOuts with both JASS and the indo ladies.
– Became Third Degree Theatre’s Marketing, Brand, and Media Coordinator.
– Celebrated 1.5 years (dating) anniv, Ed and I went to Whistler to snowmobile. 




First time go-karting
– Entered a photo contest. Got 148 votes in 4 days. ❤
– Took a cooking class at the Dirty Apron
– Art work got featured in the printed version of Translink’s Buzzer and online
– Showcased the sleeping bag project at SIAT Annual Showcase. 
– First time MC-ing. In front of 350+ people. My heart stopped beating many, many times.
– Planned and executed a design portfolio workshop with the co-founders of ION Design




– Starred in a short film called Dick’s Dirty Deeds.
– Joined in a microcredit challenge, raised $102 in
a week. Don’t ask how.
– Went for an interview with Habanero
– Took part in the Professional You user study session.
– First concert EVER. It was David Choi. Stood on the front row & CDs got signed. 
– Went to SMA’s Annual Boat Cruise. One fun evening with my ladies.
Referred by Diana to work part time at the Port Moody Arts Centre as the Graphic Designer.




– Conducted 2 user testings for Point Locus with the Canadian National Institute of the Blind.
– Planned, coordinated and executed a 300+ people Easter event.
– Planned a surprise dinner for mommy.
– Shared 140 wings with 5 other people. 
– Got my iPhone4 after being super frustrated with my 3GS for a few months.
– Point Locus got so much attention: got graded 98%, hit 1364 views in just 1 week, and reviewed by 4 big sites: TrendHunterFashioningTech, Design Launches, Dvice




ACE Exposition: 4 super fun days in Toronto with 30 others. The most memorable trip.
– Aldrich left to Loo 😦
– Invited by the amazing Lynne Bruning to fly out to San Francisco to exhibit Point Locus at the world’s biggest DIY fair, Maker Faire San Mateo. Met people from Facebook, Google, Samsung, John Deere. Nike, etc. Such an eye opening experience and it was our first time down in SF too! This trip was a huge highlight in my life.
– Showcased Point Locus at SFU Surrey Open House.
Om Anton passed away.
– Got a shout out on the Elevated HR facebook page
– My sister got engaged! 




– Went to Bruno Mars concert. It was ok. Nothing too amazing.
– Got ticketed for the very first time while on my way to surprise a good friend at midnight. 
Horseback riding on Ed’s birthday. My first time riding a horse without a guide.
– Watched HairSpray, courtesy of Ed 🙂
– Small dinner reunion with junior school friends.
– Exhibited Point Locus at Mini Maker Faire Vancouver.




– Went for an
interview with EA Sports Online. Beautiful campus!
– Went for an interview with FoodTree. Love their passion for food and its growers!
– Volunteered at the Indonesian booth at the Surrey Fusion Festival. Coordinated 30 volunteers and in the end, we got more than $3700 in revenue in 18 hours. Amazing.
Stuck in Seattle for 2 extra days. Bummed around with my clothes in a bag because all the hotels were all fully booked. No fun.
– Went camping at Sunshine Coast for the 3rd year in a row.
– Dug out and boiled 150+ clams from the beach near campground.




– First time flying a trike! Super fun. I highly recommend it! I find it more thrilling than skydiving.
– Went for an interview with HootSuite. ❤
– Met with 5 professional web developers and realized how important it is to make your bullsh*t sounds belieavable by backing it up with your work and experiences.
– Went to the Blues Festival and watched KD Lang live!
– Withdrew 7k+ Euro from 5 banks in downtown, just hours before I flew to Europe.
– Went on a 14-days Mediterannean cruise with family and visited: Barcelona, Monte Carlo, Florence, Rome, Naples, Mykonos, Istanbul, Ephesus, Athens, and Venice. My two favourite cities: Mykonos and Ephesus.



– The start of my internship with HootSuite.
Gokart + Waterpark + Banzai Sushi + DragonBall BBT + Board Game + Harold & Kumar, all in one day.
Finally got my N after failing the exam 5 times. Haha.
– Officially became a part of Banner Bags as the Web and Media Coordinator.
– Had 2 chicken wings, 2 butter beefs, 1 fried rice, 5 choc cheesecake with my 4 ladies.
– Watched Lion King 3D in theatre! It’s better than I remembered it to be.  
– Designed 2 owls (Indonesian & UK) for HootSuite and they got reproduced 1000x. BAM.




– First time I forgot to bring a camera to my own birthday dinner. #lesigh
– Attended a full convocation ceremony for the very first time! Don’t you feel special, Janey?
– Got an Epiphanie camera bag! The quality wasn’t as good as I’ve imagined it to be, so I filed a complaint and they sent a second bag for free! #doublewin
– Developed and launched the Banner Bags website.
– Opa passed away 😦
– Planned and executed two events in Jakarta and Bandung.
Presented in front of 85+ social media lovers and ad agencies re: HootSuite.




– The signing ceremony to mark the collaboration of Ristia group with Starwood.
– Whistler getaway. Gotta love the fresh snow landing on my head while on the jacuzzi.
– Disney on Ice: Toys Story 3. #disappointed 
– Discussed the future of social media for ICBC w/ the head of the Knowledge Management.
– Attended SFU Student Entrepreneur of the Year‘s final round as the official photographer.
– Point Locus is mentioned in Forbes magazine. Thanks to Lynne Bruning!
Honoured to be one of the 100 TEDxSFU‘s inaugural event.




– HootSuite Christmas Party at Harrison Hot Spring. The best Christmas party I’ve ever been to. Hands down.
– Went for interview with 3 nation-wide companies. I learnt to appreciate my background in design and my passion in marketing more. I consider them my super power now.
– Aldrich came back from Waterloo!
– Only bought 3 christmas presents this year for 3 secret recipients.
– Spent Christmas my most-loved ones




I couldn’t believe that over 1,000 people visited my site in a year. I know it’s not high, but to me it is. I’m quite amazed that there’s at least one person that visit my portfolio every day and in average, there are 2.7 visits per day of the year. I guess it’s time to revisit what I put there and update it 😉

Also, I have made 158 new friends on Facebook this year and I’m not too sure how many followers I have on Twitter earlier this year, but I now have 804 which is 142 more from October. In 2012, I am looking forward to maintaining my relationships and keeping in touch with my friends and family members whom I have been neglecting and/or taking for granted this year. 

I must say, 2011 is my most amazing year yet. I have accomplished so much in 2011 that looking back, I don’t know how I did it all. Despite the successes though, there were still a lot of rough times. There were many times that I felt like a failure and wanted to give up. Yet, the continuous support from my family, Ed, and friends have never ceased to push me to keep going and to be better and better. I owe so much to everyone and one of my goals for 2012 is to return the favours many of you have given and be even more grateful and humbled by my experiences. 

Now, on to making goals for 2012… 



2 thoughts on “The Year of #Awesomeness

  1. I am so glad we met and I was able to see Point Locus first hand. Thank you for accepting the adventure.Wishing you greatness and adventure in 2012!

  2. Thank you so much Lynne! I’m so glad you found us 🙂 We can’t thank you enough for the support and exposure you’ve given us.

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