Trust > $

Take a look around. Do you trust the person who’s sitting in front of you right now? Maybe behind you? I must say, I’m quick at trusting people and I’ve been quite fortunate that my trust hasn’t been exploited thus far.

However, I just found out about a news that sickened me and boiled my blood to the very max. I don’t understand how could some trusted people that have been trusted for more than 10+ years could turn into backstabbers for their own sake? Yes, I know money is enticing and it’s always good to have more money because you can buy more things. But, isn’t trust above money? I guess it’s easy to say that, but in truth, money is more desirable than trust for some people. To put in context, there’s a huge economic gap in Indonesia and yes, it’s unfair some people earn so much while 90% of the country earn significantly small. Is the 10% of the people cheating or corrupting? Maybe. Do they work hard to get to where they are? Most certainly. 

I know there are so many things I don’t know about and have no experience with because I’ve been fortunate and so blessed my entire life. I don’t know where I’m going with this post, but I just want to remind you once again that money you can earn, but trust worth even more than any money can buy. You may have a lot of money, but without the support and the love from those around you, you are nothing. Nothing. Think thrice before you decide to risk on a trust and a relationship that you have developed over the years. 

“It takes years to build up trust, and just seconds to destroy it.” -Unknown


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