I brought my heels to work today as part of the dress-up prank we threw for our manager. I put the heels in a plastic bag and my hands were in my pockets. As I was walking, the plastic bag kept hitting and hitting my thigh. I ignored it at first but it became more and more annoying. I finally stopped and changed my way of carrying it just so it won’t hit me again.

This small incident made me think of relationships. Think back to a time when you just got together with that special someone. Didn’t everything seem so wonderful and you wondered how this person has very little flaw? A start of a relationship is always wonderful, but the more time you spent with a person, the more things you learn about him/her. The same for Ed and I. There were habits that I didn’t mind before, but now they bug me. I sometimes wished I would take a time to stop and talk to him about it then, when it was just a small annoyance (and therefore, easier to change and adapt to) before I let it grew bigger. Oh well, we can’t change the past but we sure can change the future.

I’m going to take this plastic bag incident as a reminder to myself to let the other person know how I feel about his/her habit. Not to just headlessly attack the person, but perhaps other people are thinking the same but don’t care enough to let him/her know? I surewould love to get some feedback and thoughts about myself too. If I’m doing something that clearly is unethical or offensive, please just yell “stopeeeet!” to me. Sometimes it’s that kind of wake up call is what we need to make ourselves an even better person. 🙂


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