Tick Tock

It’s almost Halloween! Woooh, really? Where did time go? I still vividly remember the Halloween party we had two years ago. My, how time flies!

I don’t know about you and the buddy beside you, and that creepy dude behind you, but time flew really fast lately. It’s crazy. When I got on the plane from Jakarta – Indonesia, what was supposedly be a long 16-hrs flight, just felt like a 7. That’s still ok in comparison to how the first half of the year just passed by. They went by sooo quickly!

An old saying says time flies when you’re having fun! I suppose so. This year have been, by far, the craziest (in terms of opportunities) and busiest year. I’m kinda excited to see what 2012 have in store for me.

Though I feel as if the clock fairy (if such thing exists), is cheating, I know it wants me to enjoy the present as much as possible. Doesn’t matter if the present hurts, I’m sure I’ll learn from it somehow. I often take the present for granted, but really, I should just enjoy it because it’ll go in a blink of an eye.

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery, today is a gift, that’s why it’s called the present.” -Ooway, Kung Fu Panda.


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