I Need a Co-Op Job for Spring

I’m currently looking for a Spring placement! Yes, sir, I am! I love it here at HootSuite but I want to maximize the privilege of being a student and being able to change jobs as often as 4 months to find something that I really enjoy doing. 

I’ve looked the job board at SFU and there were nothing that excited me. I gave up after looking at it a few times. I started using twitter to look for jobs and the result is quite fascinating. I’ve found more excitable jobs than what the SFU job board has to offer currently. 


There’s one job that grabbed my attention and it didn’t come through Twitter (though it’s also promoted on there), but rather through an email from Jillian Walker. The position is for a Marketing Assistant and that’s perfect! I’ve been in love with marketing books for awhile now and really can’t wait to get my hands on it. I’ve done marketing here and there, but never an actual role. The job description sure excites me, but what more is exciting is the company’s culture, values, office, and the opportunity for me to grow. 

I’ve put together a cover letter, updated my resume, and added an extra touch by putting a little fun fact sheet about myself to give the application a bit more of my personality. I hope that would help me to be more distinct (in a good way) than the other applicants!

This is the first job I’ve applied to for the Spring and right now, it’s the only job that I want. Maybe there will be more awesome job postings, but please do wish me luck for this one! 

If you’re wondering what type of position or industry am I looking for… I’m looking for anything that’s related to marketing, or graphic design, or photography, or even events. It’d be great if I can combine them together. That’d be super rad actually. Ha! If you know anyone that’s hiring that’s related to any of the related fields above, please do let me know. Thank you in advance!

No, I’m not telling you what the company is. Yet. 🙂


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