What an exciting week! =) I just got back from my super short trip to Jakarta. Yes, it was only 1 week trip for like a 16-hours flight one way. It’s totally worth the trip though.

So, I actually planned this trip sometime early September and was planning to go for my family’s business event. However, at that time, I’ve just started working for HootSuite for 2-3 weeks and I didn’t feel it was right to ask for 1 week off right away. Instead, I asked them if I can work abroad for that week. It makes sense given my job is to promote HootSuite to the Indonesian users and I promised them to do 2 HootUps while I’m there. They approved it and I worked hard to find a venue, speaker, and most importantly, people to attend! 

At first, I was shooting for 20 people to attend the HootUp in Jakarta and 10 in Bandung. Then, that number grew to 30 and 15, and finally when I sent the invite out and posted the event on MeetUp, something crazy happened. I posted both events at 6pm Vancouver time and when I woke up the next morning at 7am, there were 75 RSVP’d for the Jakarta one. I couldn’t believe what I saw and scrambled to find a bigger venue. I talked to some of the bloggers whom I’ve been in contact and engaged with for the past few weeks, and they said the ones that have RSVP’d so 

far are pretty influential people. My heart skipped a beat. I thought this would be a great opportunity to really present what HootSuite can do. So the next day I pulled up a chair beside Andy and asked him to tell me everything about the new acquisitions and also talked to Ian to help me put some content in my presentation.

A few hours after that, I was on the plane, on my way back to Indonesia. The last few weeks have went by so quickly and I could barely sleep while I was on the plane. My heart was already racing fast and I was so excited to do the presentation.

65 people attended the HootUp in Jakarta and 11 in Bandung. Yes, many of them were quite influential social media users who manage more than one account. I delivered a 15-minute presentation and then sat down with each one of them, took pictures and left them with some swags. Their energy really pumped me up throughout the night. When I left the venue, I felt relieved and fulfilled. It’s that mission accomplished type-of feeling. I felt like I’ve done everything I could.

To add to my super happiness that night, the Indonesian twitter accountgained 30+ follower within hours and continued to grow until today. A few have told me that they are now paid users of HootSuite and have continued to chat with me over email / twitter / skype. It’s definitely a great and rewarding feeling to know that you were able to convince someone. I’m not a sales person and I would never be, but this experience has definitely proved to me that I enjoy marketing and I love being a personable marketer! I’m so looking forward to another event of which I could be part of!




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