I’m a Catholic. I was born as a Catholic and raised as one. I go to Church, I service the needy, and I respect my parents. Am I a good Catholic? No, I’m far from one. When I was much younger, my favourite class used to be Religion but over the course of my teenage years, I started losing my faith. There has just been so many things that I don’t understand why God let to happen, like the wipe-out in Egypt, wars (especially crusader war), etc etc. And for 2 years, I completely lost my trust in Him. I felt like my prayers at night were ignored by Him and finally came into a conclusion that He didn’t exist and indeed the Bible was probably a novel that was written by some people back then.

Yet I started to feel there’s something missing. Lately, I’ve been feeling the call to prayer at night and so I started. Heck, there has been so many things that happened this year that I haven’t thanked for. Looking back at it too, I now know why He didn’t grant my wish. The person I was praying for has now found a person he can truly love and cherish, and so am I. It’s all for the best. Really, He has greater plans than all of us. Sure He put us into so many challenges but I started to believe that He’s there again now, watching and protecting me from any harm.


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