I’ll be turning twenty two in just a matter of days and it still hasn’t hit me yet. Even today, while I was getting ready to go to Horizons with Ed, I was just getting ready as if we’re celebrating our anniversary.

When we got there, we bumped to Ariel, Gary, and his girlfriend. I didn’t give much thought to it but when I saw Riri inside, I knew there’s a surprise waiting. I was right. I knew it was a little bit fishy that Ed suddenly asked me if I want to have lunch with him this Sunday. We never have lunch on Sundays and he would never asked me for it; he would just take me to lunch.

Lunch was lovely. Turns out the surprise was both for Ariel and I, which is pretty cool. But even til now, I still couldn’t believe that I will be turning 22. I still remember vividly what happened last year for my birthday. I was at school the whole week and just came home right in time to celebrate my birthday for a bit and went to school again. I had the surprise on the weekend. I couldn’t believe how quick this year has gone by. I felt like I just went to sleep and suddenly a year has passed. I got really reminded today how short our life is and how much we have to treasure it.

This is what I love about birthdays. It’s not about getting presents, but it’s about the celebration, and my favourite part of celebrations is the gathering of family and friends. We laugh, share our love and caring for each other on birthdays and that’s what make birthdays oh so special. So thank you Janey and Ed for planninig the surprise, and thank you Riri, Alex, Nisa, Andri, Meda, Ariel, Salina, Calvin, Derrick, Julie, and Gary for spending your Sunday with me. I really appreciate it.

Ah, what a happy Sunday indeed. The weather was beautiful, the food was great, and the company was just wonderful. The only thing missing now is my family whom I miss sooooo much. I wish they were here to celebrate my birthday. Oh well, I’ll see them in three weeks. 🙂 🙂

PS: Special thank you to Riri and Meda who have been celebrating my birthday for the past 5 years ❤


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