Fizzling Bath Bomb

I got myself a bath bomb from Lush today. There were so many of them, of different colours, of different names, of different fragrances. Me, being a sucker for cute descriptions, spent 10 minutes just to read each one. Finally the store helper came and did their marketing magic by showing me the differences between the bomb, butter, melts, and bars by putting them in a bowl already filled with fresh water. I finally picked up two of them, the Geo Phyzz and the French Kiss. This was my first time buying such thing. I didn’t grow up playing in bubble baths (though I have been once or twice), but after thinking about how relaxing it must be to be in a bubble bath for a couple of months, I decided today is the day. 

I got home at around 8, had mac & cheese and watched some shows (HMIYM, 2 Broke Girls, The Playboy Club) while doing some work on the side. After I was done, it was already 11 and I was contemplating whether I should just sleep or try the bubble bath. I asked Ed, and he said I should just sleep. Being the rebel that I am, I decided to turn on that tap and do a quick bubble bath.

While the water was filling up, I couldn’t help but to realize how much water I would be spending just to have this luxury. The thought of little kids in Africa, dehydrating and lacking so much water sickened me. I still filled up the bath up anyways. I put on the Geo Phyzz and I just watched it fizzle.


What’s my verdict on bubble bath? Well, it’s a good method of relaxation. That’s for sure. I got to see my entire body (hush!) and relate to them once again. I saw my toes and how I can use my muscles to move them, I moved my arms and heard the gentle movement of the water, I leaned back against the wall and I could hear the sound of the water coming down the pipe for the first time. It was a weird yet awakening experience. I haven’t been spending so much time just looking at things that are directly in front of me. Ask me what’s written on the back of my conditioner that I use everyday and I wouldn’t be able to remember. When I got up from that bathup, I felt more awake and fresh. I felt less tired but I was still unsure with what I should do with the water. Well, to be honest with you, it’s still there in my bath up right now. Maybe I’ll just use it the second time tomorrow. Maybe. Or maybe I’ll use some of it to water my plants since Lush is all naturale, it shouldn’t kill my plants. Would I do this again? Mmm, probably not. I still think baking is a better way to release my stress though it connects me with my body by fattening myself up. Hehe. 

How about you? What’s your method of relaxation?


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