Yet Another Career Aspiration

I went to meet a friend of mine today at Waves. It’s been 2 months since we last saw each other and we’ve been friends since last year, since we got in the same group for Point Locus.

The meeting went well, I think. I might be biased though. He contacted me to get help with his branding and site. To be honest, I was really flattered when he asked me. This wasn’t the first time someone asked me but today’s meeting made me realize something, I enjoy this.

I enjoy “interviewing” people to get to know what they are like, see what’s their current portfolio and social media presence are like, resume, brainstorm ideas how to make it better. I can talk hours and passionately about this kinda stuff. I don’t have a major nor minor, nor any experience at all in the field of PR but I like helping people be perceived better through their online efforts.

While I was on the skytrain back, I thought to myself “should I be a headhunter?”. Yes, I just watched Friends with Benefits with my girlfriends yesterday but it didn’t influence me to this decision. Anyways, a headhunter? I probably need a degree or certificate for that. But a personal brand developer? Man, I never heard of such thing. Thus, this makes it extra exciting for me.

I’ve redesigned, reworded, and made people to rethink about themselves and what they should be focusing on. People never ceased to amaze me with their skills and talents, but they sometimes just need help to organize and unclutter themselves. And that’s when they ask for career advice. Headhunters can help them find jobs, but what good would that be if their resume and portfolio suck? And they have no idea and no time to make it better? As far as I know, career service centers only helps with the wording. My background in Design can definitely help them to differentiate themselves further from others and perhaps appreciate themselves more.

Obviously there are still so many things I need to consider before plunging in, but I’m so looking forward to the possibilities it’ll bring.


3 thoughts on “Yet Another Career Aspiration

  1. Totally do this! Even if the occupation might not concretely exist right now, no one said you can’t be innovative and make it what you will make it… and that’s awesome 😉

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