I’m feeling really, really fortunate right now. Yep, I feel that way everyday, but I’m feeling extra fortunate today to have a boyfriend like Ed. I know he’s never going to read my blog though. … and that’s a good thing. 😛

Here are just some of the reasons why he’s the awesomest:
– When I came home from Europe, he picked me up from the airport, hugged me tight, dropped me home. When I came down from changing my clothes, he was already ready with a guitar in his hand, sitting on my stool, wearing a leather jacket and started to sing the Billionaire song but changed the lyrics. Not gonna tell you the whole lyric because it’s pretty damn sweet and I don’t want the song to be sung by someone else to another someone mehehe. So here’s part of it, “I wanna be with you, so fricken bad …. ….. …… You better be prepared… cuz I’m in love with you. Oo OOOooo OoOOoo”

– Always, always pick me up at night. Doesn’t matter where I’m at and how close I am to home, he always pick me up and make sure I don’t walk home alone in the dark.

– Watched Tangled and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, more than twice.

– Excited to go buy groceries and cook breakfast/dinner with me. He’s a better chef than me cuz he can just cook without any recipes. I can’t. Oh and he would wash the dishes too, or play the guitar while I wash them. 

– Celebrates monthiversaries! We don’t usually go out for fancy stuff for monthiversaries, but the fact that he remembers the days is already sweet.

– Hugs and cuddles me, hold my hands everywhere. 

– We just found something that we both enjoy doing. Dancing. We both don’t go to clubs, but recently we’ve been turning on some happy jive music real loud and start dancing. It’s super fun and definitely marks one of the sweetest moments in this relationship.

– Hangs out with my family. Plays with my beloved cousin and chit chat away with my family. All of them.

– Safety first. That’s what he’s all about. I hate it sometimes, but I love that part of him. It’s definitely something I lack and to have him remind me about it and put in extra efforts to make sure it’s safe is definitely comforting and reassuring.

– Super family oriented. Love it. Love the family. Love the house. Love the food. 

– Flexible. Always lets me choose where we should go, eat, do. 

– He drove up to Burnaby mountain once while I was napping in the car. I woke up to such a beautiful view. 

– Genius. Yes, he’s a genius, in comparison to me at least. Even after 5+ bottles of beer, or even when he’s driving in a heavy rain for the last 2 hours, he still can do difficult math outside his head. He’s well respected with his school friends because he slacks yet he always pull himself together and get higher scores than everyone else.


He’s way more than what I have listed above. He’s a brother, always protecting me and making sure I’m alright. He’s a best friend who always listens to my story well and gives me neutral advice, never biased. He’s a business partner, a superb one indeed. Always comes up with new ideas and brings the team together. He’s everything.



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