The Day I Left to Europe


I still can remember when my family first started talking about going on a cruise together. I remember counting down the days and choosing the tours. Now I’m here at the airport, waiting for my plane to board.

I’m definitely excited. This summer has been quite a busy one. Heck, it was my busiest summer ever. Yet I managed to pull through it and so I think I now deserve this holiday 😉

I will now be flying to Barcelona with a short 4 hours transit in Heathrow. I am flying alone to Heathrow because I couldn’t get on the same flight as my sister when I cancelled my other booking (to stay in UK for 2 extra days at the end). Oh well, I know I’m just going to sleep all the way anyways. What’s great is that I got upgraded to business class. Woohoo!

The cruise will be leaving Barcelona on the 20th and be continued to Monte Carlo, and then to Florence, Rome and Naples. Rest for a day at sea and onwards to Mykonos, Istanbul, Ephesus, and Athens. Another day at sea and finally docks in Venice. I’ve never been to all of them but Rome, Monte Carlo, and Venice. So this would be quite a journey for sure!

To accompany me in the boring days at sea, I brought the two books people have been recommending me- 4 Hours Work Week and Think Grow Rich. I’ve started the 4hrs and it’s alright so far. Yet again, I’m only on the preface hehe.

Anyways, I hope to blog sometime during the cruise. Maybe just save it and post it later. But yeah, see you soon! 2 weeks soon!


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