Lasercut Fun

I went to lasercut something today at school. It was such a cool experience! I never “printed” anything I designed on wood. I must say, the 3D and the material makes it soooo much cooler than what I have previously imagined it. I previously designed it as just waves, but then I thought it would be more interesting if it was a text. It will help people to understand what it is all about too. So then I typed in “precious water” to go along with our water theme. Then I realized I can make up OUR from preciOUs wateR. Though it’d be pretty cool so I gave it a shot and it worked! My group is now thinking of making keychains for keepsakes. 

… I kinda wish I have a portable laser cutter at home too now. I think I’d just laser cut anything and everything!

Btw, this is a part of our kinetic sculpture. Our kinetic sculpture depicts the amount of water used at home and show it through how much the sculpture “shrivels”. We will be using pulley and string system to create the effect. I also went to Dressew to get the fabric today. So excited to put everything together! Will be posting pictures when we’re done. 🙂




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