Still in Seattle


I’ve never felt so rejected before in my life.

These few days have been a series of unfortunate events really. It’s only Tuesday, but I’m so exhausted and home sick.

As the previous posts already mentioned, I’m here in Seattle to extend my visa. This morning, I woke up and found out I got my period. While this is always a good news for me, I didn’t have any pad with me and had to walk a few blocks (got lost!) to buy one. It was gross. Also this morning, I found out I didn’t get one of the jobs I have interviewed for. It’s not a big surprise, but still, I wasn’t hoping the news would come today.

I put those two aside and walked with confidence to the embassy 20 minutes before the scheduled time. After waiting 30mins, they dropped the bomb. I didn’t get my visa because the SFU letter is undated and it didn’t prove I’m a current, full-time student of SFU. I was shaken, frustrated, mad, and had a gazillion wave of negative feeling just struck me. I didn’t know what to do.

After tearing up in public while I was on the phone with my mom and Ed, I finally got my head straight and asked my mom to come down with my laptop. I will re-apply again tomorrow. I just need those applications off my laptop and I’ll just apply again tmrw!

This trip has really been a mess. I had to reschedule and missed so many meeting and even the interview I have been anticipating for so long!

Not only that, I’m not sure why but all the hotels in downtown Seattle is fully booked today. It’s true, money can’t buy you everything. I’ve got the money to stay at a hotel but the thing is.. There’s no room available. The same deal that happened yesterday, happened again today. I was so exhausted just feeling so lost and homeless. After many searches and with the help of my sister, Trixie, I finally got a room at the waterfront area instead.

After having that secured, I went to have lunch. I had Beecher’s famous Mac’n’Cheese. It’s good, but somehow it doesn’t taste all that appetizing to me. I know if I’m in the right state of mind, it would taste so amazing. I’ll come back for it when I feel better.

I then took a long walk to the Seattle Space Needle. I went to the EMP (Experience Music Project) as they are showcasing Avatar. I didn’t like Avatar but I still went. Heck, I got lots of time to kill. There’s also a lot of music stuff going on, as the name implies, but I had no interest in it so I just left.

I’m now at the hotel where I’ll be staying at just for tonight. I’ll be back to Mayflower tomorrow. So anyways, it’s only 5:40 pm but I’m just going to rest for the rest of the evening. Got no more energy. Who knew being silent all day actually takes more energy that having someone to talk to.

Alrightie, enough rambling. Hopefully you’re having a much, much, better day! 🙂 🙂

Ps: Vancouver, I miss you.


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