Bad Girls Club

I feel bad for these ladies who joined a reality show, I just learned about today, called Bad Girls Club. As the name suggests it’s all about “bad girls”. I don’t know what’s the goal for this show. Really. I know the point for Ameica’s Next Top Model, Chopped, Project Runway, Beauty and the Geek. But not this one. From what I can see, after watching and feeling horrible for these ladies for an hour, there’s no objective but to show their worst side.

In the show, they yell at each other. Being so ironic and continue on the yelling, slapping, damaging and other immature acts. They backstab each other, call names, and talk behind people’s backs. They party everyday and come home drunk everyday. Like, really, what’s the point of the show?

I feel horrible for them because they might not realize how damaging this would be in their career life later on. Everytime they apply for a job, employers only have to do a little background check on them to find out what they were a part of. If they’re interested to investigate it further, they just have to watch clips of the show to learn more about the applicant. Whatever they did at the show would totally turned employers away. Which employers would actually let women like these to represent their brand?

I’m so sorry for them. The show must’ve put a lot of pressure on them.


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