Enroute to Seattle


This is my first time traveling by bus and spending a night somewhere alone. I’ve traveled by plane alone before, made a few transits here and there. But I’ve never traveled alone.

I’m on my way to Seattle via a greyhound bus to extend my visa and I have to spend the night there to be at the consulate office by 8am. I’ve always done it with either my mom or my sister. This time, they’re not here to accompany me.

I know I’ll be fine. It’s not that I’m dependent or anything, it’s just that I’m a little people phobic. I’m getting a little anxious thinking where I would be going tomorrow for my breakfast and lunch, alone. I know it’s only for a day and this is such a baby step, but it’s always the first day that’s the hardest.

Well anyways, I’m going to catch some rest now! My biceps and shoulders are starting to ache from kayaking all around the shore of Cates Park (North Van) to Burnaby to Belcarra to Deep Cove and back to Cates Park. It was a really beautiful day though. I’m so glad I finally got to take my minds off school for a few hours and just enjoy the beautiful scenery, cooling weather, and memorable laughs with my dear friends. 🙂

See you soon, Vancouver!
I’ll be back tomorrow night to a bunch of school projects!


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