8000 jobs, 100 employers


There’s a large job fair happening at North Surrey Recreation Centre today. The poster said there are 100 employers and 8000 people expected to attend.

When I got to school this morning at 10, there was already a huge line up. Maybe 300 people were lining up, maybe more. It wasn’t a pretty sight and most of the people lining up are non-caucasians (I don’t mean to be racist here, just basing on what I saw).

Makes me wonder.. What’s the percentage rate in BC today? How many of that percentage is made of immigrants? How many recent graduates are unemployed? What’s the job market is like?

I spent a few minutes observing the crowd. It was quite diverse in terms of the facial expression each one projects. Some looked confident, some excited, some looked demotivated. I wonder what’s in their mind and what brought them there.

I’m sure each one of them is well-educated, locally or internationally, formal or casually. Is it only the language barrier that stops them?

Well the world is a funny place, really. When I was in elementary, junior, and high school, the school curriculum is Geared towards science, language, and history/geography. While they all are important aspects that have made the world the way it is today, I don’t think they should be a focus. Those courses are so structured and thus, the knowledge is not transferrable across careers. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful to have scientists, doctors, historians, weatherman, novelists in the world. But the world doesn’t have enough jobs to accomodate everyone interested in this field.

While I have been fortunate to get to interviews, I still feel anxious. How come I haven’t heard back from them? Did I not get the job? Will I, too, be unemployed next year when I graduate? A bunch of these questions are running inside my head right now and I got to find a way to secure a placement before I graduate. If it is at all possible.

Anyways, I would like to wish everyone who attended the fair good luck. Know that you’re not worthless and if you didn’t get a job today, it simply means there are better opportunities waiting for you. At least that’s what I always told myself. 🙂


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