This Summer

This summer has been quite a ride. I’ve learnt and challenged myself so much, maybe even too much. I learnt that taking 4 courses while doing a part time job and active in 4 organizations is  difficult. Of course right? Well, I didn’t realize it til I’m already like seven weeks in. Though challenging, I managed to pull through all of them well up until now. I’m proud to have done all what I have done this Summer and would not do anything differently should I be given the chance to.

This Summer, I was home alone for almost two months. I have always been living with either my family, just my parents, or just with my sister(s), but this Summer they were all gone back to Indonesia and I was home alone. It truly was an interesting experience. I broke down the first night and again when I got home from my trips to Toronto and San Francisco. My family has all left me back to Indonesia and this Summer too, they all came back here and made me feel complete once again.

This Summer, I have gone to two Maker Faires to exhibit our Point Locus project. You can read the post here. I have also got so many contacts from these exhibitions from it as well, starting from people who are just interested in the project, interested in helping out, in funding and in technical aspects, and I also got to talk to people from super well-known companies like Nike, Samsung, John Deere, Facebook and Google.

This Summer, I have started talking to two people about starting a business together. We’re in the process of making it happen. Look out for it next year 🙂 (Sorry, can’t tell you what it is about yet.)

This Summer, I have made 15+ more friends by being more active in class and forcing myself to group with people I’ve never grouped up with before. I was also more involved in the organizations I’m proudly in.

This Summer, I organized more than 30 people to volunteer at the Surrey Fusion Festival and it was one super tiring day. I was there from 8 am to midnight and though my back still sore until now, it was an awarding experience. We sold 1800 chicken satay, 500+ plates of fried noodles, and 325+ glasses of jelly dessert on a cold, gloomy day. We got more than $3700 of revenue in total and it would never be possible without the enthusiasm, energy, and dedication that each one of the volunteers gave. 

This Summer, I got 30% in my midterm exam. Yes, 30%. You read it right. 

Above all, this Summer, I have been given the opportunities to go on three interviews with three companies of which I dearly, truly adore. Each one of them is so distinct: one is a small startup and is food-driven, the other one is a huge, multi-million company and is global, and the next one (interview next week) is a technology start up that has served more than 2 million users all across the globe. I really, really, feel so blessed to be given these opportunities. I know I would not be able to work for all three, but just meeting the people and getting a sense of the company’s directions and values are already invaluable enough.

I’m a huge believer of great things happen to great people and currently,  I’m working myself to deserve all of these great life events.

Thank you summer, you’ve been great. Way more than I have ever expected and quite frankly, I don’t care how the weather has been like. My days have been all sunny. 🙂 It’s still July and there are still a couple of months before Summer ended and I can’t wait to see what else is waiting for me this Summer. n_n



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