What are mothers made of???As mentioned in the previous post, my mom has just arrived on Friday night after a 15-hour flight from Jakarta. The next morning, she left my house (in Burnaby) early to clean up her house (in Port Moody) and pack up as she will be moving the next day. I couldn’t even wake up at 9 to help her that day.??She spent the whole Saturday cleaning and packing. We went to church in the evening and stayed til 10. We got back to Port Moody at around 11 and we both packed a bit more til about 1:30am.??I woke up at 9 to the sound of my neverending alarm clock and I could hear the shower from the other room. I thought she just woke up too. Nope, apparently she has made 3 trips to the new house (which is only 2 minutes away) but with every trip she filled my entire car with stuff. When the mover came, she continued to work and unpacked/packed everything. She didn’t even stop to just chill for a bit. On the other hand, I had sometime to chill as I had an online meeting for 2.5 hours. She only had her lunch, McDonalds burger, at around 3pm. She helped me move a super heavy wooden bed frame (with the matresses on top) and carry up/downstairs boxes. She continued to work restlessly til dinner time (we ordered pizza) at 9:30pm. During dinner she even played and entertained my 2-year old nephew. After dinner she went straight back to work, unpacking the kitchen and her bedroom.??Even now, at midnight, I’m so ashamed to be in my bed, getting ready to just doze off while she still organize the bathroom and supply cabinet.??What makes her so strong? Seriously. Her strength ridicules mine. Man, my mom is a superhero in disguise. 4 years ago my friends called me a cardio monster for being able to burn 400 cal at one go. But that’s like nothing compared to what my mom did today, or any other day really.??Thank you nyak. I can’t express how grateful I am to have you with spoken words but maybe, just maybe, you’ll find and read my blog one day.??


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