Before She Comes Home

‘Tis the night before my mom comes back from Indonesia. ‘Tis the night that I would be alone… at least for 1 month. ‘Tis the moment I have waited for. Yet I’m not too excited right now. … and I’m not sure why.

It kinda sucks to live alone. Like, really. Sure, people say you can party all weekend long and do whatever you want. Yep, it’s true. But it sucks so bad when you go travel for a few days with a bunch of people like I did to Toronto and San Fran, and came back to silence. The dishes still in the same place as you left them and all you can hear is the humming of the fridge. It sucks. 

Now it’s only hours away before my mom arrives and I’ve cleaned the house more than I have for the past 2 months accumulated and I’m here on my bed, thinking what it would be like again to have her here. I love her, don’t get me wrong. I love her cooking, it’s the best. But I wouldn’t feel as free as I have felt if I want to sleep at 4 am or 4 pm, staring at the computer screen all day, bring friends over, go out for dinner, etc. She’s pretty lenient, but still, I would feel bad … just because she’s here.

But above all else, I miss a good, healthy dinner. I’ve been eating so much junk food and I do miss homemade meal. I also miss talking to someone and coming home to someone waiting for me. 

See you soon, nyak!


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