I could not believe that it has been two years since Ed and I have been dating. Two years, that’s a friggen long time when I think about it. Yet it didn’t feel like two years at all. As cliche as this may sounds, but two years didn’t feel long at all when I’m with him. I’m beyond thankful to have him in my life. He’s been supporting me through thick and thin, encouraging me to reach higher, taking care of me when I’m sick and each and everyday, surprising me with the little things he does, and many, many other great things. I also love being a part of his family. His family is much similar to mine, so it wasn’t hard to fit in at all. They’ve been taking care of me as if I’m one of them. 


Alright, all the helpless romance aside, I’m happy. I’m at a really happy state of my life right now. I have a great family, fun education, good-pay part time job, a caring boyfriend and his family, and of course my awesome friends as well. It just all comes together and as a libra, nothing makes me any happier than having all parts of my life here and complete.


So, what makes you complete? What makes you happy? 



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