I keep hurting myself lately. Unintenationally of course, but yeah… I’m not sure what’s happening.

First, I sprained my ankle when I fell down a set of stairs (not a huge set, just 2) after dinner (maybe I was too full haha). Then I scratched myself in various parts of the body, mainly in my legs. I’ve got 3 scars there now and stabbed myself with a pencil and another sharp object on both of my palms. My eyes have been really dry too these few weeks and after getting them checked at the optometrist today, I found out that the cornea is a little scratched. No biggie, it will heal in just a few days she said. I just can’t wear contact lenses for the time being. I’ve also hit my leg again (right on the long bone of my left leg) with my laptop.

The worse one out of all was….. yesterday. It’s not a physical pain but yeah it hurts. So I decided to surprise Meda, one of my good friends for the past 6 years at midnight. Mind you, this was my first time going to surprise someone at midnight. I couldn’t do it before because I feel bad for asking my mom to come out so late at night and I didn’t drive. Now, I drive. But anyways, when I was driving there yesterday I saw there was a police car on the side of the road. I kept my calm and carried on. I drove extra carefully; I paid attention to every changing lights and stayed at 50 km/h.

When I was making a right turn to where the house is, the sirens went on. I was like SHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOT. I was so surprised and shocked, WHAT DID I DO?!

After one long minute, the officer finally went down and came to my windows. She said “good evening ma’am, I just want to check if you’re the rightful owner of this car.” With confidence, I said yes and grabbed my car’s insurance package. Along with that, I gave her my indonesian driving license along with my SFU ID and Upass to show her that I’m currently studying in SFU. I heard from a couple of people that one can drive with indonesian license as long as s/he is a current student at SFU or UBC. She took a brief look at them and said “Ma’am, on this insurance it says that you have your Canadian driving license. Where is that Ma’am?” I was like “HWHCRHRIH#@IURCH#”. Why did I qchgrwqhrciu23hriu23?! Well, it is because…… I’m an L. Yes, I’m an L, not yet an N. I’m in deep trouble. I know it! She went on telling me that I’m not supposed to drive alone and it’s passed the L curfew. I was like “eh? What curfew?” Hahah! Yeah, I didn’t know there’s such restriction. Oh, the funniest thing out of the conversation I had with her was….

“Did you drink tonight ma’am?”
“Are you sure about that? Because I smell something there.”
“Um… you mean dried mangoes?”

YES. She thought I drank! Sorry officer, I don’t drink. I was just eating dried mangoes before you stopped me. Hahahhaha.

Anyways, she mad eme call a friend (with a valid driving license of course) to come pick me up and drive me home. I called Ricky and Alex because they were just hanging out at Ricky’s place, which is like….. 20 seconds walk from where I was. So they came and “rescued” me. The officer took down Ricky’s information and gave me ticket to pay. $109 x 2. The first $109 for driving in contrary to regulations (no supervisor, pass curfew) and the other for not putting the L sign.

The next morning, which is today, I got up and booked my N driving exam right away. I got it for this Friday. Hopefully my L misery would end then. Wish me luck and wish me to stop abusing myself.

Dear body, please stop abusing thyself. 


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