Point Locus goes to San Mateo!

Remember Point Locus? If you don’t, read this first.

My team and I have decided to travel down to San Francisco this coming weekend. We will be flying from Seattle on Friday, May 20th at 11:35 am with Virgin America 753. We will be arriving at San Francisco at 1:40 pm on the same day. I am leaving with both David Barter and Kennett Kwok, as the other two girls couldn’t make it unfortunately. Karen is in Europe and Emily is tied with school and work. To minimize cost, we’ve decided to drive down Seattle (David will be driving) as the cost to go from Seattle and from Vancouver is quite substantial ($300 extra!).

For those of you that doesn’t know why I’m going there yet.. this is why.

My blind group has been invited to come exhibit our work at an event called the Maker Faire. We did not know anything about the fair until she emailed us last week. It was a little last minute, but we’re so glad she contacted us. Maker Faire claimed to be the World’s Largest DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Festival. To be quite honest, at first I was a little skeptical and unsure if I want to go. I always thought of DIY as something being craftsy related. However, after a thorough research on their website, I found out that this event is indeed really big. It is brought by a magazine called Make and is sponsored by a lot of big name companies, such as: Chevrolet, General Electric, Google, Autodesk, Asus, Etsy, HP, Sparkful Electronics and a few more. This is our first main reason why we are going. There are 30+ companies coming as exhibitors as well. 

While we were Skype-ing, we found the lady who invited us, Lynne Bruning went online as well (she has previously included her Skype username in her email) so we talked to her. Apparently she has been talking and getting the media to come to the fair and has arranged NBC and CBS TV crew to come and cover us, as well as other media people such as Forbes and ArtFuture. She also told us to give her a list of people we need and she’ll get them for us (such as investors, GPS-friendly people, tech geeks, etc.) to help us pursue and complete the project.

The Fair goes for only two days, Saturday and Sunday. We are lucky to have been invited by Lynne as we do not need to pay for the booths (which goes up to a few grand I heard). Lynne has conveniently allocate one hour period for us to shine (4 – 5pm). This one hour grants us to do anything we want and have all eyes set on us. The rest of the time, from 10 – 6 on both days, we will just be on our booth and people can come by and talk to us. She said last year, her line up went as long as 45 minutes until they get to talk to her. Hopefully by having 3 people there, we would minimize the wait and maximize our exposure. 

We are currently looking into getting a provisional patent and (maybe) establishing ourselves as a company. That way, we will be more professional and it’s easier (and seems more reliable) for companies should they want to invest in Point Locus.

We will be staying at Marriott San Mateo. We decided to stay at Marriott (despite how much it costs!) because Lynne will be staying in that hotel as well as other investors and media relations people, thus enabled us easy access to meet them, network, and be interviewed by them.

We will be bringing our prototype, mannequin (currently looking for one, Om Wid might be able to lend us one), posters and brochures, business cards, laptop for presentation slides, and our business casual wear. 

We are flying back on Monday, May 23rd (Victoria Day – statutory holiday) at 6:00 pm with Virgin America 746

Please wish us luck in San Francisco and hopefully the project will pay off. 🙂

P.S.: Thank you Nyak for allowing me to go and thank you Kap, Trixie, Chris, Mis, and Ed for your support.
Love you guys!



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