Summer Interview

I went for a job interview for a summer coop position at a company whose name I shall not disclose. All I can tell you is that it’s a local company and it is named after a fiery hot chilli pepper. Enough said.

I applied for this position about a month ago and to be quiet honest, I was and am not looking for a summer coop actually. I already registered for my courses and my schedule is looking pretty good. However, I still tried my best to get this job because really, I will need a coop job sooner or later, it just a matter of time. If I get this job then I will happily be adding it on to my resume as my 3rd coop semester; if I don’t, I won’t be broken hearted. I would be looking for more opportunities for the Fall.

However, it has been quite awhile since I got interviewed. My last one was with Husky and that was a telephone interview, so that didn’t count. Before that was with Third Degree Theatre and it went super well and casual. Before that would be my first two coop workplace, SFU Career Services and that interview happened back in Fall 2009. So you get my point, I haven’t been interviewed for awhile. When I first got the interview offer from my coop coordinator, I was excited and I thought to myself, I would just wing it. Yes, I really thought I was just going to wing it.

That all changed when I found out that a good friend of mine, who’s actually been my team mate for the last two years also get the interview offer. Right after I found out, I suddenly felt I have a good competition and I needed to do actual research in order to wing this interview. So I did. I spent my entire Monday to research on the company and practiced a lot of interview questions. It didn’t come easy. I never practiced for an interview before. My mom told me to just relax and not overstress it, but too bad, I already did. I spent the night locked in my room just reviewing the kind of answers I would give to them. I’m also so lucky to have Ed and Janey; they spent an hour each to help me by conducting a mock interview and critiquing my answers. Thank you! I owe both of you.


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