I need to sleep early

I need to sleep earlier. Everyday my mom would remind me to sleep early and everyday I would ignore her. It’s just that I know I work better at night and that’s the excuse I have been telling myself. Yet today, I am making a decision to change that habit.

I went for a job interview for a coop placement yesterday. It went okay but I know it could’ve went much, much better. I blamed it to my sniffles that I’ve been suffering from the last few days but where do I get the sniffles from? Well, I got it while I was traveling to Coquitlam by bus last week and I was only wearing a hoodie when it was raining cats and dogs. That’s not the only reason though; I have been sleeping late like 2-3 a.m. every night and wake up at 9-10 ish. 

Even right now, while I’m writing this blog, I’m having so much difficulty. I would usually be writing without even thinking and now I have to think so hard before I can put a sentence down. I know this must have had something to do with my sleep routine. I know when I’m sleeping earlier, my brain works wonderfully unlike now. I feel so tired and sick even my heart beats so randomly today while I was just going up the stairs. I need to sleep early. I need to sleep early. I’m going to try to sleep at 11:30 today. Or maybe 12. No, 11:30. 

Ah we’ll see. 


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