Unstitching is a B*tch

I learnt a valuable life lesson from stitching. Yep, you read it right – stitching.

The last few weeks, my courses (both IAT 320 and 431) have somehow involved stitching as a major component. I’m not a seamstress and I would never be just because I don’t have the patience to do so. Yet, for the first few hours, I found it actually incredibly soothing just to sit back, sew, listen to some music, and zone out. 

Okay, so the sewing is not just any regular sewing, because I actually had to sew LEDs together with a conductive thread to make a circuit, but a soft one using fabric and a special thread. This has to be done very carefully because should any of the thread cross, it would end up as a short circuit and that’s the last time we want. I was responsible in sewing these LEDs together and after a brief instruction from Shane, my other team mate, I felt like I knew what I needed to do. So I stitched and stitched with much enjoyment and pride. I would even say that my stitching was very neat, which was quite surprising.

When I showed it to him the next day, he said I have stitched it wrong. I was shocked, WHAT? How could it be? What does he mean I stitched it wrong? Apparently I wasn’t supposed to stitch all the negatives (of the LEDs) together because that would make a series, and he wants a parallel. I was really shocked. I have carefully stitched them and it took me two good hours and now I have to unstitch them?

I had no other choice but to unstitch them and that I did. What’s funny was, I always thought unstitching would take much less work than stitching them. WRONG. Unstitching took me so much longer and it wasn’t clean; there were scrapes of thread everywhere that’s so hard to pull out. 


Then, while I was doing this, I learnt a life lesson. It is very easy to make an assumption and live on as if that assumption is true, but it’s so much harder to actually clean up after your mess. An assumption has the chance of being 50% true, but 50% of the time, it is wrong. When it’s wrong, what you have to do to make everything right again, is a whole lot. It takes a lot of effort.

I made assumptions often and I have been hurted by it many, many times. I assumed it was A, but it was actually B. Not only have I spent time doing A, I have also thought A is the foremost right way, but when the truth comes, I need to be slapped in the face and redo what I did but change the way I think also. That’s very, very hard. Rather than making this mistake, it’s much better to avoid it to begin with. Ask questions and don’t make assumptions. No harm. No time loss. No effort loss.


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