*knock knock* Who’s There?

Is it true that 300+ people read my blog? Seriously? 300+?! How do I get that many people to visit my blog and read it? That’s reaaally creepy. I seriously have no idea how and why people would read my blog. There’s nothing interesting here really. It’s just me, trying to accomplish a lot of things, maximizing my time in this planet before I move on to the next.

It’d be so cool if you guys (yes, you, who’s reading my blog right now!) can write in the comment below or tweet me (@mdstephanierw) so at least, I know you guys are real 😛 Please and thank you.

On top of that, one of the older seniors in my Church also sent me this today:
I read some of yor blog etc, all I can say is how lucky parents they are to be given such a lovely and awesome (in everything) daughter from heaven.God certainly has a special plan for your life to glorify His name in this world. 

How kind is that! That really put a cherry on top of my happy sundae day. Knowing that even the Church seniors are also reading my blog, now I have to be extra careful with what I wrote and say. 😛 Hehehe. A lot of my writings have horrible grammar, in case you haven’t realized it already. I suck at grammar and I don’t edit these posts because I’m writing as I think and reflect upon myself. I don’t think my thoughts should be edited. That said, of course I edit my essays/email. Just not this.


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