Woop! Thank you, Diana!

AH! I’m soooo excited! I just got another phone call that made my day extra happy despite the gloomy weather.

On Sunday, one of my Third Degree Theatre partner, Diana, sent me an email regarding a temporary graphic designer position for City of Port Moody’s Art Centre. Their in-house designer had an injury involving her wrist and is not allowed to touch the computer for, maybe, a few weeks. I felt so sorry for her. What would I do if I were not allowed to use the computer for weeks? Or even a week? What would I be doing?

Anyways, though it’s very unfortunate for her, I jumped in to the opportunity and emailed the person responsible right away with my portfolio link attached to it. Today is the 2 1/2th day and I was getting anxious. Why didn’t I get the call yet? Is it maybe because I didn’t attach my resume? How silly of me for not attaching my resume. Or maybe I emailed the wrong person? I kept questioning myself while I showered. I was given an answer as soon as I stepped out the washroom to find my phone has one missed call. I called right away and tadaaaa, it’s Jane on the other line. 

We discussed briefly my hourly rate and my schedule and so far, it seems like a perfect fit! She told me to come in to her office tomorrow to discuss the projects and get going with it! I can’t be more excited for it. I’m going to sleep now and wake up fresh and happy happy tomorrow morning! 

Oh, speaking of which, I just talked about the importance and benefits of volunteering two days ago in the post below and look! Here’s another good example! Simply by volunteering my time and skills to Third Degree Theatre, I have gotten to know not only 3 awesome people, but they also refer me to other people! Seriously, I wouldn’t get this temporary position if it wasn’t for Diana! So, thank yoouuuuu so much, Diana! 


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