IAT 320 – Pull ’em!

Oh shoot, I almost forgot to blog about our lab assignment #2! Oh noes 😦

The past week has been quite interesting actually when I got to work with Aldrich, Ken, Ashley, and Conor. Although we are working in two separate groups as mentioned, we still work collaboratively together sharing our knowledges and skills in wiring, arduino, and sewing. If you think that the boys are way better in wiring than the girls, think again. Maybe they are, but hey, we ain’t bad either!

On Saturday, Aldrich, Ken, Ashley, and myself worked at my house for six hours. SIX hours! Yes, we are supposed to meet at 10:30 a.m. and as expected, people were late and only came at around 11 and stayed all the way til five ish. It’s not that the project is complex or anything like that, but we just like each other’s company and since we’re friends to begin with, it’s so easy to lose time in just discussing or talking about silly stuff. Don’t get me wrong, we still get the work done.

The girls were able to figure out how to make the hood light up. We sew six LEDs onto the hood but we decide to only use one of them. Why? Well, we don’t have enough conductive thread and it would be too excessive for such a simple project. If given more time, we definitely want to have different patterns created by these LEDs. We made the switch using foam and aluminum foil. Super simple materials but worked like a charm! We will be definitely getting ourselves a conductive thread spool this week. Last week, we had to beg a friend of ours to give us some as RP and Lee’s Electronics ran out of them. Hopefully they have some this week. 

During the day of the presentation, both Ashley and I was late. Fortunately, I got there shortly after 10:30 a.m. so I have enough time to take a deep breath. I needed that deep breath. Why? When I was going to show Conor our project, it did not work. I was shocked. I did not know what happened. Could it be because I carelessly put the sweater onto my bag? Oh no! With Conor’s help, I then reassured all the connections are alright. As expected, some of the connections are lose as they were not soldered together, but only hooked and taped. Using the limited resources and time, I quickly tightened the connections and fix a couple of the overlapping threads just in time before Greg and Aaron came to our table. 

I’m happy that in the end, Ashley and I, were able to present a “almost-finish” product with the interaction working fine and the LEDs corresponding accordingly. Greg complimented Ashley’s LEDs curling skills – I thought she really did a good job on those! 

I look forward for our next project, which is Sketch #2. I will be working with Ashley and Shane 🙂 Now off to some brainstorming!




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