Brrrmmmm brrmmmm eeeekkkk

I went gokarting with 7 of my friends yesterday using the Groupon coupon I have been procrastinating to use. Well, I actually only bought 2 groupons, but Janey’s boyfriend, Cal, bought six and they weren’t able to go anymore due to their school schedule. Alas, I had to gather up 6 more people to join me. Fortunately, it wasn’t hard at all! People were enthusiastic about going gokarting. Only 2 people refused, 2 bailed, but others said YES YES YESSS right away!

We got to TBC Go Kart track at around 7:45 p.m. as advised by the TBC people when I called them at 10 a.m. on Sunday. Yes, if you are planning to go, I advise you to call ahead and RESERVE 2 days before (they only take 2 days prior) but the only boohoo thing is that you have to pay full when you make that reservation. For me, I did not really care because I had to use those groupons anyways. So if people can’t make it, then I’d still go and go for more laps. 

It’s good fun! Twelve minutes certainly felt like a split second as I hit on that gas, break, gas, break, skiiitttt, gas gas gas! I did not forget to shoulder check UNFORTUNATELY! If only I be more careless and hit some more cars, I’d definitely be faster and more feisty! Yeah! Look out people, here comes the motor midget 🙂



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