IAT 320 – Soft Circuit Sweater in progress!

It’s a beautiful day but we’re here at school doing our IAT 320 project on soft circuit. Wee!

As mentioned in the previous post, we are doing a collaborative work between the boys (Aldrich, Kennett, and Conor) and the girls (Ashley and myself) for our soft circuit assignment. The boys are working on to figure out how the LEDs can be connected and controlled using the zipper of the sweater. I’m actually quite surprised how well the zipper conducts! We tested different spots along the zipper strip and figured we should just do it on the zipper head itself as it’s the bigger piece and when it connects the two strips together, we have our circuit completed. Together we figured out that tin foil can be used as a plate underneath the zipper strip so that each zipper teeth actually “connect” together. We are currently working on the intricate part to make sure the tin foil does not fold/flake when zipped up. We will be sewing the foil onto the sweater once we figure it out, but for now we’re just trying it out and taping it down.

Here are some pictures of our “fashion designer” Aldrich and Kennett figuring out where to put the LEDs.



Will be updating this soon again!


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